Hygienic Food Grade Pallets

Beecraft UK Ltd’s range of Hygienic plastic pallets are ideal for food, pharmaceutical and other industries where hygiene is of the utmost importance.
They are available in a range of sizes and have been designed to meet the most stringent of hygiene requirements. Their water-resistant composition makes them impervious to moisture, weak acids and alkalis and allows them to be repeatedly washed and steam cleaned either manually or with an automated system with no damage to their structure.
There are no nails, sharp edges, splinters or areas where dirt and dust can collect so surfaces remain contaminant-free and their hygienic and smooth surfaces are free from impurities.
Their 4-way entry system allows for easy forklift or pallet truck entry from all four sides of the pallet and their rounded corners ensure shrink or pallet wrap can be easily applied.
Please contact Beecraft for further information.

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