Hygienic 5-runners industrial pallet ideal for environments requiring maximum hygiene with the maximum rack load performance thanks to its 5 metallic reinforcements. Completely plain and closed equipment that facilitates cleaning after each reuse. Ideal solution for white room applications.

Product code / Ref: BCPRO1210C5
Size: (L) 1200 mm   (W) 1000 mm   (H) 160 mm
Weight: 28 kg
Material: HD-PE
Colour/s: Grey
Dynamic load: 2000 kg
Static load: 7500 kg
Racking load: 1500 kg


  • Suitable for rack
  • Anti-impact perimeter
  • Corners prepared for optimum shrinkage
  • Closed surface


  • Customizable colour
  • Silkscreen logo
  • Engraved logo
  • Customizable rims or without rims
  • Tags / RFID

Recommendations for use

  • Do not stack more than 48 pallets, which is equivalent to a height of 7.7 m
    when empty.
  • Do not handle stacks of more than 27 empty pallets.
  • Once stacked in height check that they are properly fitted.