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Plastic pallets made by Beecraft

Plastic pallets, produced by Beecraft UK Ltd, a UK based company located in Wembley, North London, are the perfect solution for the transportation and storage of any type of goods produce.

The number of companies that choose to use plastic pallets to meet their business requirements is constantly increasing and according to market estimations, global plastic pallet sales are set to increase annually by 5% through 2017.

For many industries changing over to plastic storage systems is no longer an option but rather a necessity as shipping regulations in many countries dictate that plastic pallets need to be used as a result of the health and safety issues relating to wooden pallets which often carry infestation, mould and mildew as they cannot be adequately cleaned and sanitised. Plastic pallets on the other hand are impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odours, are resistant to water and moisture absorption and bacteria growth and are inert to infestation, mould and mildew. They also allow for heat sterilisation making the pallets clean for use with food or pharmaceutical products and can be easily washed, sanitised and reused making them a viable long-term investment.

Not only are plastic pallets more hygienic than wooden pallets, they are also much more durable. This does not however mean that they are heavier; in fact, they are considerably lighter than many wooden pallets and are therefore significantly more reliable and profitable as labour and transport costs can be dramatically reduced.

Plastic pallets are also extremely durable, easy to be transported via a forklift or pallet truck from all four sides of the pallet and are designed with rounded corners ensuring there are no sharp edges making shrink or pallet wrap easy to be applied. In addition, they not only protect goods but also the individuals handling them are there are no loose nails, broken boards, dust or chippings. Due to the way in which pallets are produced, there is also 100% dimensional accuracy which ensures ease-of-use with automated systems.

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Plastic pallets categories:

Lightweight plastic pallets
Medium load plastic pallets
Heavy duty plastic pallets
Hygienic plastic pallets


Plastic pallets made by Beecraft, the company based in Middlesex, UK are perfect solution for transportation and storage of any kind of goods.

The number of companies that have chosen plastic pallets for their business is constantly growing from year to year. According of the market estimation in 2003 there were about 20 million pallets in Europe, however only 5% of those were made of plastic. Since that time these figures have changed dramatically. For various industries switch to plastic storage systems is no longer an option, it is a demand. Moreover it is shipping regulations of many countries that dictate necessity of plastic pallets use. These requirements are determined by insect problem, spread with wooden pallets all around the globe.

The most significant benefit of plastic pallet use is especially experienced  by food industry. Plastic pallets fully satisfy incredibly high standards of hygiene. This feature of plastic pallets was a truly vital discovery for food companies. Besides not only plastic pallets meet extremely rigorous hygiene standards, they also can be easily washed, sanitized and reused. Against these characteristics no wooden pallet can stand. Beecraft offers the best plastic pallets in Middlesex, UK.

As oppose to wooden pallets, plastic ones are much more durable. However durability does not make plastic pallets heavier, in fact, they are considerably lighter than wooden pallets. As a consequence plastic pallets are significantly reliable and profitable due to saving transportation and labour costs. In addition to above mentioned advantages plastic pallets do not absorb moisture; they are resistant to odour, mould, mildew or fungus. Most of chemicals, acids and salts won’t compromise the integrity of plastic pallet construction; due to the light weight of plastic material, absence of nails, broken boards, dust and chippings, working with plastic pallets radically reduce work injuries.

Please contact Beecraft, the plastic storage system manufacturer and supplier based in Middlesex, UK for your order specifications.

Plastic pallets categories:

  • Lightweight plastic pallets
  • Medium load plastic pallets
  • Heavy duty plastic pallets
  • Hygienic plastic pallets