Seven advantages that plastic pallets offer over wooden pallets

Here are seven advantages that plastic pallets offer over wooden pallets:

1. They Are Lighter And Easier To Transport
If you need to transport products, you won’t have to pay a lot of shipping and handling costs with plastic pallets like you would with wooden pallets. Plastic pallets are about 30% – 35% lighter. If you’re ordering 500 pounds of products, you will be paying as much as 35% less if they are shipped on plastic pallets rather than wooden pallets.

2. They Take Up Less Space
It costs a lot of money to ship items on wooden pallets because they are so thick. They also have to be stacked on top of each other. If the average wood pallet is 200mm high, and you have 12 of them, the stack will be 2400mm. That’s nearly two and a half metres in height! This isn’t the case with plastic pallets as they don’t even have to be stacked. They can be collapsed and stored in a small space.

3. They Are More Eco-Friendly
Creating less waste has been a goal for many organisations as they try to become ecofriendly. Plastic is 100% recyclable. If something happens to plastic, it can be recycled and used again. If a wooden pallet becomes damaged, it’s usually either tossed into a landfill or burned.

4. They Are Durable
Another great advantage of a plastic pallet is its durability. Plastic won’t break. Wood will. Plastic won’t splinter. Wood will. Plastic has a cohesive product design that makes the material unlikely to be damaged even during rough transport.

5. Plastic Pallets Are Clean And Hygienic
Wood attracts termites, which is never a good thing for a company that is having a lot of products shipped. You also don’t want fungus or bacteria to spread onto your products.
Plastic pallets, on the other hand, can be cleaned very easily. All it takes to clean a plastic pallet is a simple spraying with a water hose. A wood pallet is harder to clean because wet wood will encourage the growth of fungus and attract termites.

6. A Plastic Pallet Is More Flexible
Not only is plastic durable, it’s also flexible. It has the advantage of accommodating different sizes and types of goods within the same pallet. On a wooden pallet, only one type of good can be packed. Most plastic pallets are made with dividers of various sizes, so it is easy to pack a variety of goods.

7. They Are Safer And Easier To Handle
As mentioned above, plastic pallets don’t have splinters. They also don’t have sharp edges and nails. Goods have a greater chance of being damaged when shipped on wooden pallets.
Plastic pallets will take care of your shipping needs effectively and safely. They are very versatile and since they are space-efficient, you will save more money with plastic pallets.

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