Heavy Duty Pallets

Beecraft UK Ltd’s range of Heavy Duty plastic pallets are available with either an open or closed deck in a range of sizes and colours weighing between 8.5kg and 22.8kg and are ideal for the repeated use of handling and storing heavy loads, they can carry a maximum dynamic load of 1 tonne and static load of 4 tonne.
Their 4-way entry system allows for easy forklift or pallet truck entry from all four sides of the pallet and their rounded corners ensure shrink or pallet wrap can be easily applied. Some models come with the option to add on reparable runners, special crate rims, which ensure the utmost efficiency during the transportation of goods, steel reinforcements, RFID tags, anti-slip pins and anti-slip bands, as well the option for customisation with logos that can either be printed or engraved on the pallets.
Please contact Beecraft for further information.

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