European hygienic pallet without runners (9 feet) ideal for environments that require maximum hygiene. Completely plain and closed that facilitates cleaning after each reuse. Thanks to its diaphanous windows it is ideal for manual or automatic manipulation eliminating the breakages and inconveniences that can be caused by accidental manipulation of the equipment.

Product code / Ref: BC1208C9
Size: (L) 1200 mm   (W) 800 mm   (H) 130 mm
Weight: 13.5 kg
Material: HD-PE
Colour/s: Grey
Dynamic load: 1250 kg
Static load: 5000 kg


  • Anti-impact perimeter
  • Corners prepared for optimum shrinkage
  • Optimized height
  • Closed surface
  • Closed feet
  • Without holes


  • Customizable colour
  • Silkscreen logo
  • Engraved logo
  • Customizable rims or without rims
  • Tags / RFID

Recommendations for use

  • Do not stack more than 54 pallets, which is equivalent to a height of 7 m when empty
  • Do not handle stacks of more than 35 empty pallets.
  • Once stacked in height check that they are properly fitted.