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Beecraft specialise in pallets, containers, crates and more for the Fish, Meat, Poultry, Confectionary, Fruit & Veg, Dairy and Farm Produce Industries

The meat industry is one of the sectors where the plastic pallet, container or crate is most established, mainly due to the hygiene conditions demanded by the different applicable legislations, among them the HACCP directive. In environments where cleaning and hygiene are very strict, these play a transcendental role because they can be easily washed after each use and cannot be penetrated by liquids or other elements of the production process.

The vast majority of the horticultural sector uses RTE (Reusable Transport Elements) for the transport of fruit and vegetables from the collection sites to the packing plants. The plastic is therefore a material widely used in the sector for its excellent properties for the distribution of fresh products.

The production of fruits and vegetables has its origin in the field or in a greenhouse, where vegetables are grown and harvested. Subsequently, the product is ordered and packaged according to its size, color and quality, to be later stored for transportation and distribution until reaching the final consumer through shops and supermarkets. In most cases, a plastic packaging item, either a box or a pallet, is required to store and transport either fruits or or vegetables.

In the logistic activities of the fishing sector, many of the operations take place in environments with large amounts of water and high humidity.

Our plastic pallets, containers and crates are the ideal solution for these environments because they are waterproof, and unlike traditional wooden pallets, they do not vary in size, weight or shape in contact with water. Likewise, our pallets can be washed after use avoiding bad odors and / or the presence of bacteria or parasites that could produce an accidental contamination.

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